Cat Liner and Messy Hair


Date Night


It’s been a long time since we’ve gone out. It was a simple thing. Dinner and Drinks and a change of atmosphere. It was fun and definitely took off some of the edge and pressure dealing with working out things between us.

One of those “not doing shit” Days


It’s been awhile since I straightened my hair so I did while I had some time this morning and painted my nails. I have been working both jobs again.. I haven’t had time to think hardly. So it was nice to be able to be off yesterday and today at the B&B . last night was super busy at work. I can’t wait to get the shift lead position. I will be able to actually have the authority to tell people what to do.
There has been some changes going on, I’ll have to write about them later. I have been handling it well considering. I only messed up one time, I did a number on my legs, I haven’t cut like that in a long time. It was sudden and then a shock. But it is what it is.